Travel: San Francisco & Sonoma Valley

Something I really look forward to these days (that also rarely happens) is a spontaneous road trip! I was lucky enough to have experienced that over this last weekend with my husband Kenny. I'm also happy to report that with the exception of maybe 15 minutes on the way home...we didn't argue at all about directions or where to stop! That is quite the accomplishment friends...maybe it was the blissful state In & Out Burger put us in...who knows! So here's to a trip well accomplished!




Pretty collage

We had such a great time wine tasting, driving, exploring San Fran and hanging out with old friends (so good to see you Anna & Kaylie!). NOW, it's back to the grind and finals! Keep your head up's almost summer! Which really doesn't mean much for those of us who work and such...but it's a pleasant thought right?