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I'm taking a really interesting class right now called "History of Graphic Design". I thought we'd pick up somewhere in the early 1900's in regards to "graphic" design (which I always think of as being modern). However, we actually began in the stone ages with cave drawings! Can you believe that?

To say the least, I've been learning a lot about how many incredible designers there are...lingering in our past and present. As this term wraps up I find myself scrambling to keep up with all the homework...while at the same time keeping up on my own designs and business checklists. I'm failing miserably at pursuing JARFLY in the midst of school. You can only do what you can do...I suppose. 

I'm giving a presentation this morning at 9:30am (public speaking...yikes!) on a modern graphic designer of my choice...which of course is the design collective, Hammerpress.


Unless otherwise stated, all photo credits: Hammerpress


Specializing in poster design and paper goods of all kinds, Hammerpress uses the age old art ­­form of letterpress to create vibrant designs in bold colors and textures. Founded by Brady Vest in 1994, the shop has since expanded from its humble beginnings to a store front and multiple online shops.

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Hammerpress now boasts a wide array of antique types, blocks and presses. In addition, they also use newer custom engraved plates. Brady Vest wanted the storefront itself to have a feel like that of what you would find in Austin, Texas and Portland, OR.



Some of the most prestigious work to come out of Hammerpress has taken the form of concert, event and band posters. These designs not only serve as marketing tools for the customer, but are consistently resold online as collector pieces. Experimentation plays a large role in how the designers come to land on their final pieces. A Hammerpress design can often be identified by its use of many layers of rich ink and colors….not to mention the layering of letters and ornaments creating an almost collaged look. 




Finally having landed in a studio space and allows for breathing room, Brady Vest and crew are now able to reach a larger range of people. Not only do they work with bands and marketing teams…but have recently developed a portion of the store where couples can come and browse wedding invitation designs in a comfortable setting. They’ve also invited local artisanal foods and even have a miniature hair salon where you can get a quick trim after browsing the paper goods. 

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Photo Credit: Campaign Monitor


Well there you have got a short summary of my presentation! Wish me luck :) And DO stop by the Hammerpress SHOP to browse the many wonderful products and designs...or better luck, if you live in Kansas City...visit them at their amazing STORE FRONT.