Wedding: At One Year: Jenni & Kenny Get Married


Unless stated otherwise, all photos are by Tyler Gould

Maybe it's cliche', but I honestly can't believe a year has passed by since Kenny and I got married!  Weddings are so funny that spend so much time planning them, it's so much fun on the big day...then it fades away and life goes on as usual!

We got married on a cold day in May exactly one year ago. Out in the countryside, rain was a lingering threat that day, so rather than worry...we embraced it. Scroll down through the pictures and you'll see what I mean :)



Umbrella sequence
Blogs are a dime a dozen these days. Particularly design and weddings blogs. I'm done trying to figure out which category I fall into but the last thing I want to do is sit here and gush about my big day going into every last detail of the planning process. I like teal. I like grey. I like jars. I like rainboots. There ya go! Done and done :)

All in was a ton of work...but even more fun! We partied it up in celebration of the most important promise we'll make in our lives. It's something we work at, because I'd be lying if I said marriage was easy or that it's all flowers and hearts. Despite the hard times, we love each other so much more than we did that rainy day in May a year ago. Thank you to all our friends and family who ushered us into this big thing called marriage. Your honesty, support, love, prayers and laughter means so much to us! We continue to need you in our lives, thanks for sticking around with us crazy kids.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures. Feel free to look thought them if you like!

JenniKen crd2-IMG_1743

JenniKen crd2-IMG_2025

My bridesmaids had to be pretty tough in those little cocktail dresses while getting knocked around by the chilly wind. Thanks gals! At least they had rainboots and umbrellas to combat it...right? Riiighhhttt? Makes it all better doesn't it ;)




Yes, our wedding party was the size of a football team. Actually the original plan was to equip each person with a weapon as we slowly tried to take over the world. Yes (evil laughter) we'd form a small umbrella wielding army! Nobody would be able to stop us...(sigh...see this is why you should never blog at midnight). 



Months after our wedding, my friend Lavenda took some bridal portraits of me just for fun. This ended up being great because not only did I get to put my dress on a second time, but I got a picture of my teal wedding shoes! Something I forgot to show our photographer on the actual big day.

Bridal Portraits by Lavenda Weddings



Us and kiddos

Ah...our parade of children! The little guys made the ceremony that much more special. Aren't they lookin sharp all dressed up? Get a load of the smile on James on the far right corner! So funny. I also loved the "disgruntled" flower girl Abby (above left, second row of pictures)...who took to the gravel in her pretty dress as soon as the vows were over! When I was her nanny I always called her "a feisty pixie". She lived up to the name!

JenniKen crd7-IMG_1670


Img_5619 (2)
Invitation Suite & Menus by JARFLY

Rainboot Block Prints by Puddle Jumpin Cards



Sometimes when you run out of money for a should just buy 1,000 donut holes for $70.00! The end. Actually, everybody LOVED them...and they wound up looking pretty elegant. Who knew? 


Now it's time to dance the night away in a barn. And yes, that is a robot. How else do you get a dance party started? Robots are essential. Completely.

JenniKen crd2-IMG_2549
JenniKen crd3-IMG_2919
JenniKen crd3-IMG_2951
JenniKen crd3-IMG_2915
JenniKen crd3-IMG_2963
JenniKen crd3-IMG_2966
JenniKen crd3-IMG_2688
Happy Anniversary Kenneth Kupelian, I love you so much! Thank you to everyone who helped make our day special! We love you all....



Vendors featured in this post:

Bridal Portraits/Engagement Pictures: Lavenda Weddings

Wedding Photography: Tyler Gould

Venue: Postelwait Country Weddings

Bride Hair & Make Up: Destiny Taylor

Bridal Party Hair & Make Up: Caylan Wagar

Invitations: JARFLY

Wedding Programs: Puddle Jumpin Cards

Flowers: Jan Walker

Wedding Design: JARFLY, Jan Walker & Rebecca Ekstrom

Bride & Groom Guest Sign Illustration: Stephanie Astronaut