Thoughts & Stories: An Education.

I may be a student of Graphic Design, but before they even allow us on the computers we have to draw...and draw a lot! Here is my latest endeavor. Part of me likes it...part of me thinks it looks like the little mermaid (as so many of my portraits do).

I should never have joined that "Little Mermaid" club in 2nd grade.

Being a student again is weird. I had made total peace with the fact that education comes in all forms and not everyone needs to go to school to see their dreams accomplished. I still firmly believe that. My husband is a self made career man and has the ability to figure out just about anything...almost like, a robot or something. My friend Lavenda is an up and coming fashion photographer who just finished up a shoot for Ladygunn magazine. She's never taken a photography class in her life. 

Holly Becker of Decor8 just wrote an interesting post regarding a talented artist who is self trained. His work is check it out.

For me, I tried to teach myself...and in the end realized that I NEED the structure of the classroom to really stay on track. I enjoy the energy of being around other students and being challenged by their talent. Don't get me wrong...I'm learning outside the classroom all the time and half of JARFLY comes down to determination right at home. I'm in a stage of plotting my movement for my dream over the next year and it will come down to focusing on much more than my homework. However, I'd be lying if I said the classroom doesn't keep me grounded in the midst of all this.

I guess I fall somewhere in the middle...molding the two. Self trained in some ways, formally trained (or currently being trained) in others. I'd really love to get a I'd be the first female in my family to do-so. However, I have really talented, capable, smart women in my family who don't have that little piece of paper that say they are "smart". At the end of the day, I don't place ANY emphasis on a degree when I consider the capabilities of others. Yet, I do place emphasis on it for myself. It's a symbol, of a hard work end goal for me. 

Perhaps I'm a hypocrite.

That's probably why I'll always be enrolled in some it traditional college, online blogging courses, community learning or just being mentored by a friend. I really crave and need others to keep me motivated...and probably even self trained artists, artisans and designers would say the same thing.

When you really pull it apart...what's the difference really? It's all an education right? that pesky thing called, (sigh) tuition. If you can avoid that...and still become amazing at what you do...then I say more power to ya!

What are your thoughts on self taught vs. formal education? Do you think it matters? What is your personal experience? No right or wrong answer...just a fun topic I've been pondering lately...