Wedding Style: Pride & Prejudice

Like every living & breathing woman, I love anything Jane Austen. I particularly enjoyed the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice starring Keira Knightley. Don't worry! For the purists among you, I also adore the BBC mini-series version with the impeccable Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy (could there be a better Mr. Darcy? No, there could not). 

Final collage
Pride & Prejudice 2005

However, in this post I'm using the 2005 remake of for inspiration. I watched it with my husband the other night...I had to beg, but he endured it (and enjoyed it more than he will admit!). The whole time I felt really, well, enchanted by the beauty of the film...and got to thinking it would make a lovely wedding palette.

What do you do when you have inspiration, but nowhere to put it? You make a mood board ladies and gentlemen...and you file it away for a rainy day.  I have firm plans to style a table setting for you with these colors/textures below...but here's a little teaser in the meantime while I sketch and dream about some ideas I could capture on camera! Makes me almost wish I had a wedding to plan...wait...nope...not quite. Makes me wish I could twirl around in one of these dresses anyway!


Color circle template

Delicate collage
(left to right, top to bottom) 1. Nordstrom  2.  Monique Lhuillier via NYMag 3. Three Nails Photography via Grey Likes Weddings


(left to right, top to bottom) 1. Bend The Light Photography via My Wedding  2. Tom Mannion Photography via This Is Glamourous  3. Aaron Delesie Photography via Ruffled


Elegant collage
(left to right, top to bottom) 1. Ello There Invitations  2. Anthropologie  3. Anthropologie  4. Ann Taylor


If you haven't seen Pride & Prejudice yet, you really ought to. I'm serious...curl up, have a glass of wine and just be a girl....a proudly chocolate tote-ing girl!