Fashion: LemLem Handmade

It's no secret that most well made high end clothing is expensive. Most of us will never wear an Alexander McQueen gown or buy every pair of denim we wear from Nordstrom. However today, I ran across a line of clothing that is every bit worth the extra money (if you have it to spare).

Photo: LemLem Clothing, Home & Accessories


As described on the LemLem Collection site...the Ethiopian people have a long history of creating beautiful handwoven pieces made with intricate care and quality. In 2007, after noticing a decline in work available to her countrymen, super model Liya Kebede founded LemLem. She hopes to " inspire economic independence in her native country and to preserve the art of weaving".

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Photo: LemLem Clothing, Home & Accessories

LemLem offers throws and pillows for the home, comfy & classy women's clothing as well as a very cute children's line (I mean it...ridiculously cute). The merchandise is all hand woven by independant Ethiopian artisans. The bright colors are perfect for our upcoming summer and the designs are very versatile, not to mention unique.

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Photo: LemLem Clothing, Home & Accessories

While the prices are not cheap, you are getting a product made with love by hardworking human hands. There is no greater quality than that. Plus, when we buy handmade, local or fair-trade products...we make a statement. These types of endeavors are near and dear to my heart as I volunteer with another African organization called KUZA Program, located in Uganda...which neighbors Ethiopia.

The word LemLem means to grow or flourish in Amharic (the national language in Ethiopia). This is also what KUZA means in swahili. So, if you value quality clothing, LemLem is a great place to start...and your purchase helps many craftsmen in Ethiopia flourish and grow themselves.