DIY: Wrapping Paper Just In Time For Mother's Day!

I'm so excited to tell you I finally got a new camera! I had fun playing with it after work/school the last couple evenings. Yesterday I set up a tri-pod and went to town on a DIY project I've had on my mind for quite awhile. It seems I never have wrapping paper on hand (because in general, I'm an ill prepared person). Luckily, I always have lots of pens and watercolors on hand to create my own! Care to join in? Great! 

One disclaimer I'd like to make is that I am not the greatest fine artist in the world. In fact, most of my creative process stems from doodling and experimenting with ideas. Remember, you don't have to be an amazing or trained artist to create. I say, the more personalized and funny your doodles, the better. For me, I'm doing something floral in honor of my Mom :)

Here's what you'll need:

Numbered DIY wrapping collage

1. Paintbrush  2. Watercolors   3. Water Resistant Ink Pen  4. Bakers Twine  5.  Potter & Butler Bow (or your choice)  6. Washi Tape (or any tape)  7. SMASH mini notes (or anygift tag...not pictured)                8. Large Page of Watercolor Paper


Step by Step Guide:



My mom is a gardener and really loves flowers. I actually grew up watching her watercolor pictures of her garden. It only seemed fitting to recreate these for her on Mother's Day. 

Very pretty
Don't you love the rosette bow? These, along with many other wonderful celebratory creations can be found at Potter & Butler, one my favorite Etsy stores (they are located here in Portland as well)!

I hope all the Moms out there have a really relaxed and blessed Mother's Day. You literally keep this world going round, and we all appreciate you! A very special hello to Kathy, my other (new) Mom...Kenny and I love you so much and hope you enjoy the day!

It's supposed to be really sunny here in P-town (not a usual occurance for us)'s hoping you all get some sun too.