Artist: Theater Clouds

Everyone once in awhile I come across art that is so unique and charming that I have to buy it right away. This would be one of those moments. I literally gasped when I saw Elly MacKay's Etsy shop, Theater Clouds. I'd never seen art like this before and was immediately curious how it was created. 

Elly's art is designed by drawing on yupo paper, cutting it out and then setting up a well lit minature theater scene. She then experiments with light and filters until the perfect mood has been set...then she photographs it!

Il_570xN.318659625       Il_570xN.201896881

I adore these prints. I actually just purchased one today and hope to hang it in my future child's nursery (someday...totally not pregnant Mom!). Each scene tells such a rich story and the characters seem to be  in a tranquil dream like place. There is a really special whimsy to these stories and I was very drawn to them.

The textures created by the light sources Elly uses...not to mention the beautiful paper is truly stunning and so interesting to behold I find myself staring at the prints endlessly. I know I'm sounding a little over the top here, but really...I'm truly inspired by Theater Clouds.

Il_570xN.331504365       Il_570xN.234104274

To keep up with Elly MacKay and her work you can visit her blog and don't forget to stop by her SHOP and pick up some prints. It's nearly the weekend...hopefully it's as lovely as some of the scenes in these pictures for you.