BLOGS: What Do You Think?

Why do YOU read a blog?

I'm curious to know.

I had an interesting conversation with my friend Bethany about a month ago. I was expressing some of my dissolution with my own blog...and general boredom on the computer screen. She expressed that besides 2-3 blogs, she had stopped reading the large list she had accumulated in the past.

I confess, I have a similar story. You'll see on my blogroll, that I have around 70 blogs that I "follow". That WAS legitimately true up until about 4 months ago. While I still check in on most of my blogroll friends, and skim some content...I just find myself craving reading a book, rather than reading a computer screen.

I got to thinking...why do I read the ones I do...and why did I stop reading (besides maybe a quick skim) the others? Well it certainly has nothing to do with ANY of the blogs on my blogroll being sub-par. I highly respect every author on that list from content to blog design. Truly talented and thoughtful people, on every level.




That being said, it may have been as simple as being too has sped up some and my computer time is limited. Thus, I just crave content that I actually absorb and think about during the day.

OR maybe even more, ahem...controversial...did we OD on blogs this year as a society?

Most people I talk to, are tired of computers, cell phones, social media and just want a little peace (maybe this is a, ya know, "dream of the 1890's Is Alive in Portland" kinda deal, but I have a feeling it's a national sentiment). I see friends around me unplugging cable, reducing their data plans and trying to write more letters. Maybe the speed in which we communicate and rapid responses/imagery of the "blog-o-sphere" have started to drain us...rather than inspire?

There isn't a firm answer to that question. Let me make it clear, I STILL love the blog world and all the blogs on my blogroll. Blogging has leveled the playing field and allowed everyone to have a voice. THAT is rad.

However, what ever happened to working really hard...putting in the hours, getting the college degree...staying up endless nights writing a novella...biting your nails waiting to hear from a publisher and then SEEING your book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble. Is that better than self publication, I'm not sure...probably not! I'm not saying either way, but have we lost a little hold on reality perhaps? Aren't there still some situations where an expert SHOULD be telling us what's good enough to click "post" on...and what's not?

Here's a funny SNL sketch, touching on this very subject!

Am I that wise old owl to judge? No way. I'm just posing questions here. I suppose it's a question of balance and quality control. It's great you can grow an audience without the help of the "big wigs" so to speak...but then, have we shattered a fragile eco-system along the way?

I think the answer is probably not, but sometimes I worry I'm just playing at a game that I don't really know how to be a part of, does that make sense? I really like looking at pretty things, however maybe I'm craving some more interesting content. I mostly speak of myself when I say that. Sometimes it just feels like the same old thing...nobody really needs another DIY doily or mason jar tutorial do they? (although I will confess I love that stuff)

Time for a blog face lift I say! I don't know what Jarfly will become...and it could be that I start an entirely different blog to keep things fresh, and continue to use this as a professional outlet. Who knows...but if I'm going to continue to contribute to this on-line mess of information, I want it to be worth something.

So...once again I pose the question: WHY do you read the blogs that you read? WHY (without naming the blog, or indicating who with a description) did you drop a blog? WHAT is your FAVORITE blog?

I Looooovvvveee my little audience and I love comments, I'm curious your thoughts. That means you BETHANY WECKS, and that means all of you!