Wedding Inspiration Feature

Back in December, I had the honor to help style and be a part of a Wedding Inspiration shoot. Our goal was to use as many recycled items as we could, while still keeping the look simple and chic. Light bulb terrariums, unique floral design, old windows, and a recycled door for a table...these are just a few of the touches that made the shoot our amazing vendors! To see MORE than this little sneak peek, pop on over to Ruffled Blog, who was kind enough to have featured us on their lovely site! There you will find a full list of vendors if anything in the post strikes your fancy :)




Inspiration shoot


Part of our design for this shoot was based around old windows. We chose to make a guest list by writing names on the actual window glass. My friend Amy Carpenter was kind enough to lend her amazing calligraphy skills to that task. However, because it was an inspiration shoot, and not a real wedding, how do you decide what names to write on a "pretend" guest list? Do you just make them up?

I decided to use the names of people from my life who helped make MY wedding day (back in May) a success. It seemed like a fun way to thank everyone, why not give them a little window shout out?

If your name is on the window below (though you can't see it) you did something of the following:

helped set up, designed and/or transferred the decor, picked up flower girls, cleaned up/teared down, helped guide my huge wedding party, offered your gifts & know-how, stood around in the cold, encouraged, hosted/planned a shower for me, sacrificed your time and/or finances (ha!)...and maybe sanity for a day, to make Ken and I feel special and ushered into marriage. You gave extra, at no extra charge. That's rare these days. Thank you. We love you.



Thank You: Dave & Jan Walker, Anthony & Kathy Kupelian, John & Mary Rispler, Don & Rebecca Ekstrom, Jack & Laurie Farr, Tim & Bethany Wecks, Garvin & Becky Pitney, Pat & Daryle Broadsword, Virgil & Camille Brite, Ron & Regi Megyesi, Terri & Ronda Kimble, Kathy Crannel, Joey Walker, Debbie Sue Young, Lavenda Memory, Bill & Tamra Russell, David & Brittany Walker, Shawn & Chantelle Nelson, Jerry Turner.

Please don't hate me if I forgot you...and know you are deeply appreciated!

And FINALLY remember to check out Ruffled Blog and/or Ruffled Blog Gallery  to see all our WHOLE shoot!


Credits from this Sneek Peek Post: Emily G PhotographyAlicia Floral DesignsJarfly Rentals....full list provided at Ruffled Blog.