Feature: Liebster Blog Award


Blog award


Photo by Jarfly


Today I learned that "Liebster" means favorite or beloved in German. I would not have had this fun language lesson had it not been for Cathy over at Paper Peony Blog. Paper Peony is a lovely stop for all things beautiful, particularly if you enjoy paper goods and stationary (like I do). As a graphic design major my dream is to have my paper designs on store shelves one day...so discovering Cathy's Stationary Studio was a complete delight.

To add to the fun, Cathy awarded me the "Liebster" award, regarding me one of her favorite blogs. She writes all the way from South Africa and it was so humbling to see that such a lovely person, and lovely blog...was reading mine! Really? Incredible! Special, Special thanks to Paper Peony once again...I will certainly be following along! You have new fan, and I hope my readers adopt your blog as a favorite too!

In honor of all things loved, it's now my duty to pass along the "Liebster" Award to my favorite little blogs...and I have quite a few. It's hard to narrow it down, but here's who I'd like to give shout outs to:





1. Potter & Butler : Amazing handmade goods

2. Mish Mash Make : Fun thoughts on art & life

3. Rosemarried : Divine Food

4. 8Balloons : Lovely paper goods & Inspiration

5. Still + Life : Warmth in a photography journey


Check 'em out! All lovely people, with beautiful perspectives and lovely blogs...enjoy!