Top Of The Morning!


Orange juice


Good morning everybody! It's Friday, and that means that the weekend has almost arrived...which means you all are going on lots of amazing adventures right? Anybody sneaking off to the Almafi coast or cozy-ing up by a fire in Nova Scotia? Okay, how about a movie...anyone going to go see a movie this weekend? Maybe that is more realistic.

I'm feeling extra chipper this morning. Let me assure you, that truly rarely happens. I made some fresh squeezed orange juice for my husband today...thought it made a pretty picture.

I'm off to go take a big exam at school. A MATH exam (da da da...dramatic horrifying music). I feel very prepared for once, wish me luck!

What are you real plans for the weekend? Do tell me...I love comments, and it only takes a second. Peace out....-Jenni