Thoughts and Stories: Break Time....and Reflections.

It's been an interesting year for me, in regards to personal growth and learning to "face the music" (as they say) about some big changes that were necessary in my life. I've branched out, taking some risks that while seemingly small when I look at other people's bursting at the seam schedules and accomplishments, were no less a big step for me.


Still water


Photography by Jennifer Squires Productions

Text Design by Jarfly


I really like the proverb, "It is only in the still water, that we can see". I remember losing my snorkeling goggles in I began jumping around in the water desperately searching for them before they floated out to surf. My husband kept calling from across the way, "Stop moving around Jenni! It's going to make the water murky and you won't be able to find them!"

So much of my life has been a white knuckled attempt to accomplish, understand, or "get better at" things. Long work hours, stressful weekends, bad boundaries and giving everyone my water downed attempts at quality time... when really, I was stretched too thin. Oh, and then the guilt that sets in because, "Well, I'm not as busy as her...or why should I feel bad or be tired! I've got it so good!".

Yes, there is always somebody more busy. More than that, there is always somebody who loves to REMIND you how busy they are. I used to be that person, in fact. Most certainly, there is always someone more driven, more talented, more beautiful, or possessing a better work ethic. 

Thing is, comparing ourselves to others serves no purpose. Staying really busy defeats quality and murks up the water, not to mention is hard on your body and soul. Feeling guilty when you slow down and take care of...well yourself or WHATEVER it is that you've let fall by the wayside, is just so silly! I mean, what are we trying to prove! What was I trying to prove?

I'm really lucky, when I married my husband he enabled me to reduce my work hours to very very part-time, go back to school...and focus on my health. Not all us gals have that. I know many of you are single moms, working moms, full-time students working late nights...or just working full-time to pay the bills...or maybe you are chasing a dream with everything you've got. I respect that, completely. I think knowing you all are out there is why I often allow myself to feel guilty for "slowing it down". However guilt, just ruins everything.

Yes, life is really hard work is important and chasing a dream? Priceless (did I just sound like a visa commercial?). We should all GO FOR IT! Whatever "it" is! However, your "it" isn't going to be worth much if you are too exhausted to enjoy it...or if you loose track of what really matters in the midst of it all. Or heck, if you just become obsessed with yourself and your schedule, so that you aren't even living in reality. Ha, or if you snap at your man (ahem...not that I do that) when it all gets too crazy. It's so not worth it, I've been hit hard in the face by this in the last year. Hard.

When we stay still enough to let the sediment and ripples in the water becomes clear so we can see. Consider if you are in a great need of a break. And if so, well show yourself and those around you a little TLC. Maybe you don't have the luxury? I get that. However there are always little ways to settle your mind and take a little more care to enjoy the simplicities of every day life. It doesn't have to be dramatic.

As for me, I'm taking a wee little blogging break, for maybe a week or two. The amount of time I spend on the computer has reached an all time high now that I'm in school, and I need to find a way to reduce that. 

I love the tiny 'lil audience I have, thanks so much for sticking with me...I'll see you soon!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on rejuvenation and lowering stress levels, anything that works for you? Ever taken a much needed break, that was a BIG sacrifice for you? Leave a comment and tell all!

:) Jenni