Artist: MaeMae Paperie

I have a deeply rooted love for paper goods flowing through my veins. In fact I'm currently a student of graphic design (and other more hands on artforms) to challenge my skills and hopefully develop my own suite of designs for the future.

I love it so much, in fact, that it sometimes hurts (in a good kinda way) when I come across talent in the field that blows my mind.

MaeMae Paperie is just that kind of store. 

Megan of MaeMae (her childhood nickname) Paperie creates designs that are light, sophisticated and have a logic to them that is both beautiful and funny. Working out of Southern California she creates loving paper goods that tell a beautiful story for weddings and events. 


If you have a special day coming up, check her out! Or if you just like keeping a fresh supply of lovely cards on your desk visit her Online Shop.