Weddings: Mason Jars

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I really love jars and bottles, and have since I was a kid. I remember filling up jars with "treasures" and sticking them under our deck. I also remember keeping many a "found creature" in them...lined along our shed. Yes, I was THAT kid.

I'm also not sure if you noticed...but in 2011 people REALLY got into the jar thing when it came to weddings and events! It became a freaky-jar-filled-wedding-frenzy! I myself jumped on this band wagon, not even knowing it was a trend but rather just seeking to represent something I'd always loved on my big day.

Picnik collage
          (Credits: The Wedding ChicksLauren Elise CraftedBoots N GusOnce WedJonas PetersonMegan EsassAlissa EttengersJoy's HopeKate Miller EventsOrchard Cove PhotographyTyler Gould)


Now let me be very clear, I still love jars, bottles and any container that is old...and in need of a little tlc. Am I tired of seeing them on tables at weddings? Not really. You'd think I would be, but somebody always finds a cool new way to use I'm still in favor. Have we seen the end of the mason jar craze? Well, I don't know. Many would say yes (and thank God!), but I say...don't be too hasty as I have (as I speak) 10 brides renting them from me this summer. I suppose I both agree and disagree with the mason jar trend ending at the dawn of 2012. We shall see...

In the end, trend or not, if you love something...go ahead and love it. And if that "thing" has been overdone, find a NEW way to do it! And if you need to rent some jars I think you know where to come. And if you don't believe in starting a sentence with "and", contact the grammar police.