Photo A Day Challenge: Day Two

Day 2 breakfast



 Boiled egg, Frozen Blueberries and a Mandarian Orange.

I know I know. You are thinking...that's looks way too healthy to be a real breakfast. Let me asure you, I'll be scarfing it in the car ride on the way to school...rather than daintily enjoying it on that vintage fabric. However, that is what I eat in the morning most days. I have to, due to some health restrictions I have (or I GET to rather...that's how I have to think of it!). So sometimes I eat it like this, and sometimes I eat it in a smoothie form...but there you go! Breakfast of champions. Weren't you just DYING to know? ;)


Check out the "January 2012 Photo A Day Challenge" over at Fat Mum Slim...which is where the design below came from!