Photo A Day Challenge: Day One

Design and Idea by Fat Mum Slim Via Oh, Hello Friend.


This "Photo A Day" Challenge has been swirling around on many of the blogs I follow and I thought it might be a wee bit of fun to join in. I officially started back in on School just a couple days ago. I'm 28 and little out of practice, but other than that, it's been good. 

To say the least, having time to blog will be interesting as I settle into this new schedule, so I thought this photo a day idea would be a great way to help me edge into life this January. Plus it's a way for my readers to get to know me just a little bit more. I'm about 10 days behind this challenge, so I'll probably venture into February with it...but oh well right?

Day one you


I really honestly am wearing that yellow hat as I type this, ha. I'm really glad I chose to put all my new Christmas make up on today, otherwise you would have seen my red nose from having a bad cold the last couple days. It's hard taking a self portrait with my camera, as I'm still gettin used to it. I'm not really much for pictures (despite having taken two pics of myself this week) maybe this is a start in a new good direction! 

Maybe a full-bodied pic will show up on a later photo challenge day...yikes! Anyone else know that feeling? Have a lovely Tuesday...I'm off to take a nice long walk and then start in on some homework and housework! 

Peace Out, Jenni