My Top Ten Favorite Blogs

I have a rather large (for me anyway) Blogroll that I use for inspiration, ideas, entertainment and hopefully to help spread the word about other people like me looking to grow an audience. I thought it may be fun for me to list my top ten favorites. Don't get me wrong, I love them all...but here's a breakdown of blogs you just HAVE to visit!

NO particular order :)




Dani (pictured above) of Oh, Hello Friend writes about, well everything! I love the blog because it feels very polished so you really don't notice how many topics she graces every week. If you are especially interested in vintage details and lovely wrapping/paper'll enjoy this site!




Leslie (above) of A Creative Mint creates STUNNING color stories using her many lovely paper good treasures, paintings, floral designs and lovely photography. Her blog will leave you feeling light and fully inspired. 



Kathryn (above, on her wedding day) of Snippet & Ink writes about lovely wedding inspirations. It features creative real weddings, beautiful event mood boards and interesting details to inspire for parties and get togethers. I find it helpful professionally for keeping track of trends, without having to buy all the bridal mags off the shelves or visit the "monster" wedding blogs that, in my humble opinion, get a little old. This one has a sweet, creative simplicity about it. And how perfect is the title?



Untitled-1 IMG_0398
IMG_5297 copy
Okay, I LOVE this blog. Kaylah (above) of The Dainty Squid is a thrift store queen, artsy person and has great taste in blog design. She changes the look quarterly (I think) and I always adore the layout and graphics (especially the look she's got going now). She's got a powerful presence with that crayola hair and daring fashion will be fully intrigued! I promise. 



Untitled-1 158781104_8e298e23c5_b

As a person who has struggled pretty seriously with my health in the last few years, this blog has been a constant source of positive challenges and affirmation lately. Jessica of The Wellness Warrior was diagnosed with a rare from of cancer 3 years ago and healed herself through natural techiniques and very healthy eating. I am following many of her tips from the blog and have had amazing success beating my symptoms as well. Do check it out!



HM12 bright bazaar
This blog always makes me feel happy and excited to buy our first home (hopefully!). Will (above) over at Bright Bazaar really knows his design. He chooses vibrant interiors and showcases all sorts of upcoming trends. Stop won't be sorry!



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Vol. 25 was one of the very first blogs I ever stumbled upon. In fact, when I found it (a few years back), I didn't really even know what a blog was! I took one look at Jessica Rose's art and felt immediately connected as we share a similar love for quotes and whimsy. Her blog is a lovely glimpse into family life and art...and I find it very inspirational. For an interview I did with Jessica awhile back see HERE.



Untitled-1 EDOC4540
Aran of Cannelle et Vanille is a gluten-free chef, food and life photographer and general curator of lovely visuals. I am always stunned by the lovely work on this site and being gluten-free myself find her recipes extremely helpful (not to mention yummy).



Untitled-1 Pinecones5

Lotta (above) and Michaela (not pictured) of HEY LOOK do everything that I'm interested in. They are photographers, event stylists, graphic designers, business owners and design lovely paper goods. That's literally what I'm trying to grow in my own business right now and what I've gone back to school for. To say the least, despite having only discovered this blog a few days ago...I'm already ENTIRELY hooked.



Untitled-1 6551409965_58bf8e4b1d_o

Decor8 was the first blog I ever "subscribed to" via email, a few years back when I was first exploring the world of blogging. Holly Becker (above) has divine taste in design of all kinds. She's also made herself very available  as a teacher of the fantastic Blog Your Way E-Course (which I've taken) and by encouraging other fledgling bloggers like myself. Might I mention that her book Decorate is one of my favorites? Well...there you go, I mentioned it.


What are you favorite blogs? Any that I'm missing out on? I'd really love to gain a larger blogroll for Portland based stylists, designers and writers. Have any links I gotta see? Send them along in a comment!

 I read 40+ blogs per week, and even more than are listed on my blogroll...but these few are extra special! I hope you visit each and everyone of them and send along some encouraging words! Peace out...-Jenni