Join the Fun: Discomania!


Design by Holly Becker

Photos in Design: Debi Treloar for Decorate, J.crew


Holly Becker of Decor8 handed out the challenge above called Discomania!. It's an opportunity for bloggers to "party" together virtually by taking part in a picture op. The guidelines were as follows: take a portrait of yourself...and somehow include a disco ball or something shiny of the like. So I went for it! 




If you are a blogger, join aboard! You have until January 9th to submit YOUR discomania picture...see HERE for rules and guidelines. Have fun, and don't be afraid to celebrate some bling. Trust me, I'm no glitter girl...but this was fun and an oh so great a way to introduce your blog to the world. Thanks Holly for coming up with such a fun idea! 

Special thanks to Ken Kupelian for making some "makeshift" hollywood style photoshoot lighting in our living room :)