2012 Inspirational Wall Art: Quotes For A Room

I don't write about my personal life, in detail anyway, on this blog. If you skip back WAY to the beginning, you may find a few "raw" gems as I struggled to develop what my content would actually be about (a process I'm continuously in). However, for the most part I try and keep it focused on Design, Paper Goods, Vintage...and the development of Jarfly as a business. In short, it's a professional blog that also offers vignettes of creativity from my own life and that of others whom I respect and admire. 

I do miss...the beauty of writing about life. New Year was emotional for me this time around as my life is in complete and utter transition.

I became a wife. I became a small business owner. I became a blogger. I became a natural health nut. I became a first time home HUNTER (haven't found the right house quite yet). I became a student (again).

In the midst of all that, I've been fighting a long time battle with chronic sickness that has kept me down for years (quite literally in bed at times). I finally discovered I'd given "chronic" way too much power in my life...as the word had become like a friend. In direct opposition to that mentality I've started a massive "make over" and life style change in my eating habits, exercise routine, attitude and closet. 

To overcome my battle with my health..and also to stay focused on my professional dreams, not to mention relationships... I've used quotes, visuals and bible verses to get me through each day. I've surrounded myself with smiles on our apartment walls. Whether it be beautiful projects that inspire me or simple promises to myself in post-it form, anywhere I have a mirror, cupboard or fridge is covered in positive reinforcement.

(Inspirational quotes, images and scripture where I get ready in the morning)


The encouraging ideas and quotes themselves can't help me grow, but they certainly aid in keeping me grounded when I feel I will stumble. And it's a lot of fun to collect anyway. I've chosen some lovely wall art that display quotes I find very relatable for a new year...full of fresh starts, challenge, joy and some laughs. If you find yourself in a place of change and growth like me, you may appreciate these! Here we go...



Fresh take on an old quote: by Ellinee




Good reminder from Vol. 25



Coldplay Lyrics by EnBierBitte




Simple thought by Handz



My favorite quote EVER. by Bird Ave





To aid in "keeping your cool" ;) by Kingston Creations



Darn good advice by Joy Keeper



General cuteness by The Gingham Owl




Lovely thought by Graphic Anthology



I like this one by Ideas of Jenny Lee



Victrola print 8x10
Had to include one that's on my wall...by Jarfly :)


Alright folks, now that you are good and inspired go out get some good stuff done! Happy Thursday! -Jenni