Holidays: Unique 2012 Calendars!



I have to give a shout-out to my friend Becca Randall for sharing this blog post idea with me. It wasn't even on my radar but it's such a great thought! By the way: Becca writes a really interesting blog called Humanity in the Mirror. As a journalist, she writes on all sorts of cultural and world topics that are very informative and interesting...check it out!

And now onto calendars! I'll admit, I mostly use my google calendar these days. However I always have a cute one sitting on my desk or somewhere on my kitchen wall to write social events (like birthday reminders) down on. 

"I want to get one somewhere other than Barnes and Noble this year." -Becca Randall

Do you feel the same? Well take a look at these noble options for your 2012 daily planning :)


Talk about "re-usable"...this fun jenga inspired option is great table-side. I'd imagine kids would have a lot of fun with it too. Pick it up at West Elm.



I thought the soft watercolor design of the calendar was, well, breath taking. I'm always partial to watercolor though. To get a better up close look at each painting visit Fine Day Press.



Well if Katy Perry owned a calendar, I suppose this would be it! For all you vintage adoring girly gals out there, this is a great choice. Find it at Modcloth.



I love this little desk calendar. The photographs are soft and whimsical and the little easel it comes with is delightfully fun. To see more detailed photographs from the calendar visit Chelsea Victoria.



Okay, I had to give another nod to my friend Sunny over at Puddle Jumpin' Cards. This block-printed/letter press desk calendar duo is very charming...especially if you love your pet. She has some other great designs too...Check Them Out (on sale!).



This idea is probably my favorite of everything I'll feature today. This is a great option to put in your kitchen somewhere...and then once the year is over, use it as a dish towel! Pick yours up at Fly Trap.



This odd little number is great for the gadget person in your it lasts forever. Beautiful letterpress design too, grab yours at Dependable Letterpress.



This designer is from New York, but I couldn't help but feel the art is perfect for Portland..with an emphasis on shopping local for your produce. Lovely little addition next to/on your fridge. Get this at Claudia Pearson.



You know I always have to showcase cute items from Anthro. I adore the vintage butterfly designs on this simple desk calendar. Drop by Anthropologie to pick up yours. It's only $7.95!



How great is this? This artist made each month dedicated to a fine craft done by a special person in her life. The drawings are completely charming, light and airy. For more in depth pictures and the story behind this piece visit Emily Ann Designs.


That's it from me! I have lots to do today...good luck with all your holiday last minutes. Tomorrow I'll be featuring a little "Merry Christmas" card on my blog dedicated to all my readers. I appreciate you so much, you have no idea!  Later, -Jenni