Holidays: Unique ETSY Christmas Cards


Well, I will be first one to admit I waited FAR too long to write this post. As Christmas approaches this weekend, there really isn't time to buy these amazing Christmas cards online. I would like to encourage you to find local artist's cards at places like New Seasons MarketsLark PressAnnie Bloom's BooksKnackPresence of Mind, and Drakes 7 Dees Home & Garden. There are countless other places to shop...but I mean really, does Hallmark need any more love? Nah. Try buying from the little people.

As for the rest of these amazing artists, keep them in mind for next year. I've even included some new years eve style cards that there is still time for! Enjoy...and share with friends!



Roll The Credits:

1. Holiday Town by Spring Olive

2. Merry Christmas by For the Love of Press

    3. *Santa Sleigh by Old School Stationers (Local Artists)  

*Available to purchase locally at the Following Locations.




Roll The Credits:

1. Set of Four by Blue Star Ink

2. Trees by Modern Printed Matter

3. Wine Holiday Cheer by Paper City Design




Roll The Credits:

                1. Sir Rudolph by Quill and Fox (Local Artist)                                                                                                 2. Kids Table by Able & Game

3. Winter Hug by Laura George



Roll The Credits:

1. Deer by Vincent Designs

2. Old English Carol by Little Miss Big Deal

3. Retro Set by Seven Star



Roll The Credits:

1. Penguin by Abby Dora Design

     2. *Snowman by Jarfly (Yours Truly) (Local Artist)

 *Available for local purchase at Drakes 7 Dees or email

3. Holiday Creature by Obsolete World (Local Artist)




Roll The Credits:

1. Guitar by Two Guitars (Local Artist)

2. *Mt. Hood Winter Set by Puddle Jumpin' Cards (Local Artist)

*Available for local purchase at the Following Locations.

3. Angels by Jess Nielsen Designs




New year
Roll The Credits:

1. Green Dragon by Shichijiro Paper Goods

2. Toast New Years by Foglio Press

3. 2012 by Laura George



I hope you enjoyed browsing these designs. Remember many of them are local artists and may have cards you could by directly from them...never hurts to ask! I hope all your holiday card writing is going well, it's an old art form we must keep alive! I'm off to go for a power walk in the sun (hopefully soon it will be a jog!) Catch you soon.... -Jenni