DIY: Marilla's Cherry Cordial: The Final Product

Yikes! I'm having trouble blogging all the great projects and ideas in my head. I suppose it comes with this busy time of year. How are all your holiday plans coming along? My husband and I are enjoying the minor lull before the storm, you could say. Yet, the week is flying by as our to-do list shrinks and grows as we remember more things that need checking off!


Picnik collage

Do you all remember my DIY Cherry Cordial post from a few months back? Well I'm happy to say that we met our goal of packaging and preparing them this week for Christmas gifts. It's actually a very rewarding feeling to have handcrafted the cordial, labels and packaging. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of work. Kenny and I were up really late last night...him filtering the cordial and me creating labels and packaging. We are pretty happy with the turn out. Some of the cordial tastes better than others, but all of them taste good. That's the goal right?


The name "Marilla's Cherry Cordial" came by way of my favorite childhood book, Anne of Green Gables. There's a great chapter where Anne accidentally gets her friend Diana drunk (they are only 12, mind you) on a famous Current Wine, thinking it was Marilla's (non-alcoholic) Cherry Cordial.

Since it was a joint effort, Ken and I named a few of the cordials after that book chapter, and a few "Kenny's Kitchen Sink"...a more potent concoction of Ken's currently residing in his liquor cabinet for special occasions (which I'm assuming will be his guy movie night).



There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic cherry cordials...alcoholic versions are also referred to as cherry bounce or cherry liqueur. It's great for sipping chilled with a dessert, cooking with, or using in hot drinks (especially hot chocolate). 


Again, for a step by step guide to our cordial recipe see HERE. Another great resource we discovered for other cordial/liqueur recipes is this book: Making Liqueurs For Gifts. It's a lightweight pamphlet great for keeping in a cupboard and full of ideas...including bottle sizes and packaging instructions.

Happy Wednesday! -Jenni