Holidays: Lovely Christmas Ornaments


The season of egg nog, wooly hats and romps through the woods to find the perfect tree (hopefully without getting lost)is here. All ye merry beer drinkers and food cart followers are bundling up to wet their whistles and satisfy the tummies. It's that way in Portland anyway.

My husband and I are a little short on cash this year and so we've gotten very creative with some of our celebration endeavors. One such is slugging out into the woods with a $5 dollar permit to cut down our Charlie Brown christmas tree. I'll let you know how that goes...moving on...

Every year, my mom would give us Christmas ornaments with our name and date given on the back. Being a newlywed I'm excited to finally use them on my very own tree (she finally let me have them ;). To say the least, ornaments have been on my mind. Before I jump into all the pictures below...many of my favorite ornaments came from Drake's 7 Dees home & garden section over the years. My mom just happens to work there, and so I really wanted to give the store a shout's a Portland favorite. So if YOU are in Portland...stop by!




Visit the in-store ornament selection at Drake's 7 Dees. They don't currently offer online shopping, but the Christmas decor in the store will knock your socks off (my mom is responsible for many of the Christmas tree designs), so do stop by! It's a great place to get ideas for your own tree.

For everyone else nation-wide and are some other "fresh holiday" finds. Some are great classics and others new unique spins on old ideas! I compiled these from some of my favorite online shopping sites as well as many Etsy stores (of course :)




1. Mushrooms from Anthropologie

2. Ball Design from Knit One Crochet Too

3. Botanical Green Design from Caitlin Sainio





 1. Vintage "Frame" Charms from Sweet Mess

2. Rustic Metal Designs from Restoration Hardware

3. 12 Days of Christmas from Pottery Barn





1. Russian Dolls from Beaky

2. Haitian Metal Works from Macy's

3. Paper Mache' Balls from Gifts With Humanity







1. Mushrooms from Fairy Folk

2. Pea pods from Fairy Folk

3. Snow Stag from Anthropologie






1. Purple Striped from Anthropologie

2. Layered Glass Balls from West Elm

3. Neon Rosettes from Simple Things 2011







1. Mistletoe from West Elm

2. Wooden Animals from Graphic Spaces Wood

2. Green Deer Prints from Classic By Nature






1. Ice Drop by Anthropologie

2. Feather Drop by West Elm

3. Angels by Margaret Furlong


Do you have any favorite ornaments? I'm loving the heavy woodland looks I'm seeing in this winter's trends...and the neon looks that are popping up are iteresting too. I never thought I could love neon...but maybe I'm wrong? What do you think?  -Jenni