Mint Week: Great Thrifted Finds in Mint Green

Vintage mint


Thrift shopping, garage sale-ing and antique hunting are probably my three favorite things. I live in a fantastic city for it...being Portland, Oregon. There are so many interesting nooks and crannies to explore not 2 miles around my apartment, much less the whole city. I searched far and wide this week to provide you with some lovely vintage items, and vintage inspired knick-knacks in minty green. I hope you enjoy them.

Even more I hope you share this link, or ANY mint week link...and then leave me a comment letting me know you shared! This enters you in a contest to win a couple of the items I'll display in this post. It's super secret which one...enter and find out! Here are some Contest Instruction & Mint Week Buttons for those of you interested in the fine print.

Away we go!

(These collages feature my own photography, for those of you wondering why I didn't credit anyone)



Edited Vintage Sets1

1. Thrifed and Garage Sale Books

2.  Street Fair Artwork by Shannon Lewis

3. Mint Milk Glass Bowl hand-me-down from my Great-Grandma, Vintage fabric purchased from Robin & Wren Antique Mall




Cargo set

1. Sweet Bowl, Mint Chopsticks & Mini Fan from Cargo Imports. "Field Guide to Western Birds" book from Thea's Vintage Interiors 

2. Same as above

3. Antique Shell Soap Dish from Robin & Wren Antique Mall






1. Vibrant Tailoring Tape from Cargo

2. Luxury Tea Forte from Drake's 7 Dees Garden Center Westside

3. Vintage Mint Clock from House of Vintage, Tailoring Tape from Cargo, mint from my husbands car (yuck).




Floral mint


1. Old Window & Various Hobnail Milkglass from Jarfly Vintage Rentals

2. Floral Arrangement & Mint Tea Tin from Jarfly Vintage Rentals, Vintage fabric from Robin & Wren Antique Mall

3. "Limonada" Vintage Tin Vase created by and from Jarfly Vintage Rentals






1. Artwork by Shannon Lewis, Silver Creamer from William Temple Thrift

2. Antique Floral Tea Tin & Embroidered Hankie from Penelope's Hope Chest

3. Mint Tray hand-me-down from my Mom, Milk Glass Pitcher from Robin & Wren Antiques & Minty Floral Hankie from Penelope's Hope Chest






1-2. "Plants and Their Application to Ornament" from Eden

3. Mint Note Book from Porch Light, Tailor Tape from Cargo, Clothes Pin from my junk drawer...very classy shop ;)




Untitled-3 (2)

Sigh. That is so fun for me, you have no idea. You also have no idea how much I appreciate you stopping by Jarfly for MINT WEEK. Tomorrow I'll be showcasing some yummy, simple, quick recipes using mint...make sure to stop by! Also, remember to let me know if you'd shared a link by commenting so I make sure get you in the vintage drawing!