Custom Artwork

I'll be honest I'm in a bit of a, dreary spot, creatively this week. The pressure is on as I get ready for some Holiday Art shows and Etsy Store promotions. And yet, I don't feel very inspired or in love with anything I've been creating. Ever experienced that? Lots of staring at a blank page...feeling frustrated. 

Some of my best work has been born out of custom orders. I'm somebody who thrives under pressure (unless it's catching a fly ball in center field with the bases loaded...always had trouble with that type of pressure). However the pressure of creating something that "someone" wants to fall in love with? That helps me deliver. In an effort to gain some "happy thoughts" I decided to take a look through some old work and see if any new ideas pop!


Perfect  front GREEN

This was a wedding program design for some friends of mine. I really love doing "cartoon" interpretations of people, particularly people I know (that always makes it a little easier). They just wanted something black and white....simple. I really liked how this turned out.



This is my most recent custom design, I posted pics of this just a few weeks back actually. Drawing kiddo stuff is sort of my favorite...I've always wanted to write and illustrate a children's book.





Ha, In is one of my very rough first tries way back when. It's amazing what we think is "good" during those very ripe years as you learn your craft (maybe I'm still in that stage...are we always in that stage?)I fashioned this little story after my best friend Bethany, who loves the rain more than the sun (what? I know weird right?).




This will forever be my all time favorite drawing. It's actually the FIRST one I ever did for a card! It turned out to be my my far as simplicity and charm. I made this for a friend who had asked for a hand drawn set of cards...never looked back from there.


Baby leaves 001 (2)
My second favorite drawing...always. I designed this for my friend Lavenda when she was pregnant with her daughter Ella (also our birthday girl in the dino-suit above). I like the whimsy of this one and how it accomplished that with so little color.

Well...I feel a little better now. These "slumps" never last very long and it's probably just an indication of too much computer time and too little inspiring adventures. 

Pending this realization, I think I'll take a little "virtual" break for the rest of the week. I hope you keep checkin' in on Jarfly, as I've pre-blogged some great posts for you...and I can't wait to jump back in starting with Mint Week on Nov. 7th! 

Later Folks! 

PS: Any ideas for beating the dry creative times? I'd love to know!