The Find

Royal typewriter

We are running full-speed ahead as merchandising shots start this week for the new "Jarfly Vintage" website (to debut SOON). I'm also searching high and low for wonderful vintage pieces to offer the brides of this upcoming wedding season.

Today's find is a "Royal Quiet DeLuxe" typewriter. After some research I discovered that is was made in 1948 by the prestigious Royal Typewriter Company (founded in 1906). I picked it up while shopping the well known "Antique Row" with my mother in law, Kathy. "Antique Row" is located in Sellwood, Oregon...if you live around there make sure to check it out! Here's some great lists for antique excursions in the Portland metro area.


Royal1948typewriter collage
What I am enjoying the most about this journey into the depths of the vintage and antique world are the unique histories I am learning. I'm finding a new respect of the meticulous and dedicated nature of artists, writers and photographers of the they didn't have photoshop, computers, or a "spell check". My hat is OFFICIALLY off. Bravo...truly.

Some fun facts for those interested: Famous users of "Royal" typewriters include Slyvia Plath, Marlon Brando, Pulitzer Prize Winner Herb Caen, William Faulkner, and Katherine Hepburn (just to name a few). 

Thank you for stopping by Jarfly once again, keep checking back for more wonderful vintage discoveries. Have YOU found any great thrift store treasures lately?