Work Space Make Over

Let's cut to the chase, here is my work space...unedited and in it's current state.



To say the least, it's time to get organized and make this area a little more appealing to the eye (then I'll actually WANT to work there). My husband will appreciate me spending less time in his office...I tend to take it over when my area is out of control. Here are some of my color know I love blue, teal & green...I really enjoyed taking these simple pictures.



I found these great shades of teal at a local paint shop, and bought these lovely green knobs at Anthropologie ON SALE.

What I'd like to do is paint the whole of the desk a medium shade of "sea breezy" teal...replace the current knobs with the pretty Anthropologie ones...and then cover the INSIDE of the shelves on the desk with some vintage wall paper:


Urban Outfitters Wall Paper

 Anthropologie Wall Paper


Another idea I'm beating around in my head is painting the inside of the shelves with chalkboard paint...allowing myself to doodle and write down ideas in a fun way while I'm working:

Photo featured on Apartment Therapy. Idea & Design via Danny SEO 


Basically I'm hoping to create a vintage workspace simliar to this, but on a smaller scale that works with my desk. How cool would this be though? Anyone have an empty closet they aren't sure how to use...welp problem solved!


Via Country Living Photo: Michael Partenio


Here are some other really inspirational workspaces I dream of creating someday. What are your favorite work areas in your home? What makes it special...leave a comment and/or link to pictures on this post!

 Via March 2010 UK Verision of Country Living Magazine



Via DIY Ideas Design by Pamela Porter



Via Country Living Inspired by: Lanette Lorsung, Bonnie Black & Lisa Peterson

So maybe this one isn't practical...but we can dream right?


Trins room
Via Vol. 25 Photo by: Jessica Rose


Again, I'd love to hear more about YOUR workspace...and I always love links to pictures and blogs friends...share as a comment below!