Custom Invitations

Wow, it's really been a busy week. Between vintage rentals, custom artwork deadlines and recently joining a screenwriting group...the artistic side of me is craving a break. Hmmm, a Jarfly vacation....let me think....NOPE! I'll just keep drawing with smoke coming off my pencils and be grateful for the work :)

Whenever I do a custom order I like to show a bit of the process on my blog. I always like it when other artists share the step by step....enjoy!

Ella 1

First sketch of the birthday girl, for a custom set of children's party invitations.


Ella 1

2nd sketch, tightning everything up...making it more in the likeness of the bday girl. I wanted to work with watercolors and ink for this one. Thought about doing some mixed media work in photoshop, but the simplicity of the watercolors ended up looking really sweet.


Ella finalforweb
3rd and final sketch...I was really pleased with the outcome.



Photo by Lavenda Memory

The REAL birthday girl! My friend's lovely daughter is turning two later this month! Isn't she beautiful? I think so :)


And finally packaging it all up! I always include some fun extra me if YOU have a little one you'd like custom work for. Anything kid-friendly is sorta my speciality, being a nanny all these years.

Happy Wednesday everyone...You're half way done with the work week! Hang in there!