Affordable Gift Ideas!

Knick knack chalk board necklace
Welcome back to the twice a month "Knick-Knick THURSDAYS" series. Here's a place for you to find interesting gifts that are local, handmade, re-purposed or just completely unique. I'm doing the dirty work right along with you as I'm actually purchasing these items and photographing them myself!

Today's find comes to us from Haden Designs ($28.00), a lovely jewelry shop on Etsy. I came across this lovely locket while browsing an October 2011 Country Living Magazine (a big accomplishment for sure). What's charming about this design is it actually allows you to write something on your pendant of choice (there are many shapes and sizes to choose from) with chalk!

Chalk board necklace collageNo matter what piece you choose, you'll have fun using your mini-chalk pencil to write your own doodles right on your jewelry. Make them different everyday! Make sure to follow the directions that come with the beautiful packaging and go for it! 

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I think any man would get points snagging this creative idea for his main squeeze :) And again, check out Haden Designs on Etsy.

More Knick-Knacks coming your way soon enough....