New Art....New Hopes.

I spend a good portion of the week enjoying(and being jealous of) many blogs and amazing artists/designers/photographers. In a world full of such great talent...some who are clearly gifted straight from God... how do you keep up? Or at the very least how do you create something that will hit the senses in a new way.

The answer, for most of us, is you don't. 

 Everything has been done before, but the problem is to think of it again  

                      -Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von

I discovered an art studio in Dallas, Texas on line the other day. The artist featured at this small gallery was so intriguing and different, that I was immediately drawn in. I thought to myself, "See! How do some people have such creativity inside them ?!"

To my relief, however, it turned out the studio was not featuring ONE artist, but rather TEN different artists whose work was so similar the gallery curator decided to feature them together to create fluidity. 

Funny eh?

I have so many ideas, dreams and visions for my business.In spite of's hard to not sometimes feel like you're missing the train. Being a scrappy self trained artist, I am often playing "catch up" from week to the next. I certainly feel both inspired and destroyed all at the same time when I encounter a self taught artist with unlimited ability (like my friend Natalie Groves, for example :)

Okay, so I'm being a bit dramatic. The truth is, I love seeing new art and great artists... as it only inspires me to be better and work harder.

But there are days when I want my blog to be what it has yet to be. There are moments when I long for a store front, a big break, better resources....or just more TIME. Some days I'm exhausted as I seek to keep up with social networking, real life networking, and just being a decent human being. I'm sure most bloggers, small business owners, artists and dreamers can relate to that much.



So right now, as I lay in my bed on a lazy, hazy morning... I can honestly say there is nothing more that I can accomplish for the day besides what I've done. I re-vamped some old art. I made it look a little cleaner... a little more modern. And NOW it's time to go pay the bills and work.

In the end, I just hope one person thinks what I worked hard to create is pretty. Or rad. Or something positive. And even better that they would want to buy it...though one of the latter makes me just as happy.

Hats off to all of you out there working against the grain to get paid for something you actually love. Keep up the good work. It's like what I read in a book the other day, "Give me the same thing....only different". 

We will try our hardest. Yes we will.

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