An Autumn Dinner

We celebrated my parent's 31st anniversary last Saturday. Once again, we were blessed to be able to stay at our good friend's mountain cabin (I won't name them for privacy's sake). This lovely getaway is cozy, beautiful and decorated by someone with DIVINE taste (ahem, Mary). Thank you so much for letting us visit your river house, we always love our time there!

My sister-in-law, Brittany, and I decided to go all out, attempting to create an "On A Whim Fall" theme for dinner. We used the inspirational colors found in the kitchen cupboards and throughout the house as a jumping off point as we put together the table. Add in a portion of my milk glass collection (available through Jarfly Vintage Rentals) and before we knew it, the Autumn theme was accomplished! Special thanks to Britt for thinking to bring sun flowers...perfection.

Lovely fall
We had a great time hanging out, drinking chai lattes on the porch, enjoying the river view and watching The Karate Kid. Yes...we did that. 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. And....yes, that is my husband with the knife to his head. It's the most normal picture I could find.

Happy Friday everyone! Go skip some rocks or drink some hot apple it!


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