Baby Shower Inspiration

Every week, I feel as though my eyes are bombarded by "good things" (As Martha Stewart would say) in the way of art and design. I wanted to share one that caught my fancy so far this week...I was unable to attend this grand event in honor of Brian and Shari Rainka and their baby to be...totally wish I could have after seeing these pictures!

An Ocean Themed Baby Shower Design 

(Digital Invitation Design by Bethany Wecks)

Rainka Baby Shower Invite


             Wow! Check out the boat cake, by Erin Powers Brush 

Everyone wore their best sailor stripes (photo by Tim Wecks)

(left to right: Bethany Wecks, Erin Powers Brush and Grace Pfeifer)


Lovely table design by Bethany Wecks using Jarfly Vintage Rentals

Unless otherwise stated, all photos were by Bethany Wecks