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Knick knack thursdays


I'm excited to introduce a new weekly post series called "Knick-Knack Thursdays". Every Thursday I will share some photography chronicle-ling my weekly finds in the cute, odd, fun or just plan weird category. All of us need a few trinkets and toys on our shelves, especially the pretty 'lil things us gals crave from time to time. I will carefully choose my items with quality in mind. There will be no key chains or snow globes from my last vacation here! Guaranteed. My hope is also to display items that can be re-purposed or actually used for something. I'm a big believer in "less is more"! This Thursday series is meant to inspire fun and affordable gifts...NOT clutter or hoarding.

Today's knick-knack find came by way of Anthropologie. I generally come out of that store with a lesser item than say, a new dress...because it's affordable that way! This Q&A a Day: Five Year Journal ($16.99) is great for those of you seeking to keep a diary, but don't want the fuss. It poses daily questions that require short answers. Best thing? The questions are as interesting as they are random. I write in mine every night before bed! Go know you want to pick one up! (see link above).

Q&A Collage
Special thanks to Lynsey Rawlinson, a renter of Jarfly Vintage who gifted me with the sweet ruby red vase! Love it!

Question to my readers: What kind of journal do you use? Recommendations?

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....and see you next Thursday ;)