New Business Cards

It's been a busy week, full of wedding rentals and long work days. Thus far, I haven't managed to get much of anything in the way of blog posts up...which I sorta pride myself on doing daily. Soooooo....

In the midst of the busy week here's just a little tid bit I was excited about. Business cards don't exactly fall in the "interesting topic" category but I figure something is better than nothing. 

Jarfly has sure morphed and changed since it's humble beginnings during a massive Portland snowstorm in 2008. I was completely stuck at my friend's apartment unable to get home, so I spent some time making Christmas cards for my family. My boyfriend at the time(and now husband, Kenny)took all the drawings to Fed Ex Kinkos for me and made up a couple sets of greeting cards from my designs, which I mailed out from a very ice covered mail box. 

It was then I realized I needed to be creating...all the some form... to stay fullfilled and sane in this life. While I still love paper goods, art, cards and invitations...general design and vintage wedding rentals have certainly become a strong part of my vision for what Jarfly will be become. 

So it only made sense to give my business cards a makeover to go right along with my newly re-finished blog site.




Here's a little tip: If you want great vintage inspired "clip art" to work with and tweak your website/letter heads/business cards/stationary with...check out Pugly Pixel. For only $5.00/month you can have premium access to many pre-designed ideas. I used some and incorporated them with my own to make the design above in a short 15 minutes. The website is also chalk full of great tutorials for those of you like me learning the ropes of photoshop and illustrator. 

More soon...and thanks for hangin with Jarfly! Happy Friday everyone!