A Day in Hood River

My husband and I spent all day Sunday hiking The Gorge and checking out the fresh produce in Hood River, OR. For the locals reading this blog, you don't even need an explanation for how amazing the scenery is. For those of you who haven't visited Oregon yet, we encourage you to come on out and see how lovely it is! We enjoyed a nice picnic, some waterfalls and I got to pick wild flowers, which is my favorite. 

Gorge 108
Gorge 015
Gorge 013

Gorge 018
Gorge 062
Gorge 081

Gorge 137       Photo by Ken Kupelian

Gorge 084
Gorge 039

Gorge 033
Gorge 164
288502_10150357940900259_590175258_10232419_111326_o       Photo by Ken Kupelian