Thoughts & Stories: Simple Pleasures

I often become frustrated at the lack of space in our apartment. I would not call our home "small" in the classic sense. If my husband and I were normal people in anyway, I'd even call it, "big-ish". However, our many hobbies and passions require ample amounts of stretching room, which we simply do not have. 

Working on my aspiring ideas surrounding design, graphic art, good ol' fashioned art, dabbling in photography again, and card design has left our bedroom a constant clutter of papers, cords, buttons and paint brushes. I also collect antiques for wedding it's not unusual for boxes of bottles and jars to begin stacking up in our entry way. 

Ken is a home brewer and lover of all big projects. Just the other night he was working away on a little "Cherry Bounce" or "Cherry Cordial" project of say the least there were piles of cherries lining the kitchen counters (look for a DIY Cherry Bounce post coming soon). Our linen closet is full of aging beers and there is a wheat grinder in our bedroom. No joke. 

Being the creative types, a two bedroom apartment is just no longer cutting it so we are saving for a home in which we can operate in with more fluidity. That's a way off, however, and so some mornings I wake up feeling frustrated.

My mother gave me some good advice the other day, saying to just focus on one thing at a time...the simple things. So today I focused on making a simple summer bouquet arrangement to add a little charm to our little dining area. And it really brought me some peace...thanks Mom :)