Today I drove by a field that popped a sudden design inspiration into my head. I had very little supplies with me to work with, and pretty much no time (notice I inverted my spoon and too much haste). Yet I managed by borrowing some items from my parents house along with some milk glass that I rent. Even fighting extremely sunny weather to get a good shot with my student skills...I think these turned out...pretty.

Framed in this photo is my late Grandma Shirley...her picture made this place setting just a little more special, and before I knew it a really vintage warmth bloomed on the table...making the technical imperfections become charming and sweet.


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I broke a lot of rules with this idea, layering lots of mismatched table cloths over each other...and there really aren't any pops of color besides the peach of the roses. I can't really decide if I like this or not...but it was fun to experiment. Deciding to collect, design and implement a whole table setting on the side of the road in rush hour traffic isn't an awesome way to do things like this. But like I just made me smile.