Mississippi Inspiration

My husband and I were walking around NE Portland, in the "Mississippi" district last night just enjoying the last bits of the weekend before the work week settled in. We grabbed tacos at our favorite place ever, Por Que No? Taqueria, and then finished up with a new discovery in ice cream at Ruby Jewell Scoops. They make ice cream sandwiches for you, with your own ice cream flavor choice, and even have gluten free options. Ken was out of his mind excited too that his waffle cone was fresh off the waffle press...still warm.

All that to say it was a nice evening. Walking back to the car we came across a quaint little home with the most interesting fence I've ever seen! I just had to take a picture and share it with you all. I'm definitely going to implement this in my yard someday.

I love how they inserted old windows right into the fence design, it adds a nice amount of whimsy. Of course if you are going for actual privacy with your fence this is not a great choice...as everyone couldn't help but peek in as they walked by. The little cobblestone courtyard behind the fence was even more amazing. So if you are looking to show off your yard work in a subtle fashion, here's an interesting way to go about it!