Mood of the Week: Peacock Inspired

I've been introduced to new idea in Design, it's called "Mood Boards". This is a way for you to play with different textures and colors to help do just about anything. It's helpful for weddings, floral bouquets, party planning and especially interiors. To study the masters I recommend this month's Real Simple August Issue, they did a fantastic mood inspired write up on painting your home, and the cover is dazzling.

Today I took some pictures around my apartment and realized that hidden underneath all the teal and yellow in my living lots of purple, navy, and green. Which is, of course...peacock colors! So along with a few snapshots from this morning I included my first attempt at a mood board. Honestly? I'm not that happy with it...but it will take lots of practice to really get the hang of it, so bear with me, so to speak.

So here it is...Jarfly's Peacock Inspirations:


Peacock mood 3 012

Peacock 3 024
Peacock mood 3 010

       Eye Shadow Clipping: Marie Claire Magazine

Peacock 3 017
Peacock 3 030

Pretty jar
Peacock mood 003

Peacock mood 3 013

Peacock mood 010

Peacock mood 015

Peacock mood 3 003

       Artwork: Taken from August 2011 Real Simple Magazine, pg.25 (artist un-named)

Peacock 3 012

Mood board for REAL 008

Peacock 3 026
Today I found out I really like painting peacocks....who knew. That's a highly specific thing to discover in a day. Look out for more mood boards in weeks to next inspiration...BLUSH :)