Summer Brunch Experiment

Summer is passing us by and it seems it's not really come, save just the last week or so. While cleaning my house today I got the sudden urge to host a summer brunch with a bunch of girls. I felt like I wanted to serve mimosa's while listening to my cuban jazz cd.

So while I couldn't muster up all the friends and food right then, I decided to do a fun table setting design. I don't know if only crazy people set tables for invisible friends, but it was certainly fun. My main goal? Make it colorul and vibrant...with a few little quirks. Mom, do not judge my floral not! ;)


Table setting photo shoot 046
A brunch for gals

Table setting photo shoot 051
Table setting photo shoot 050

This old milk glass piece was originally made to hold bananas. I purchased it at an antique store in Cannon Beach, OR...I see them all over garage sales and antique malls...I usually use this one for holding greeting cards.

Table setting photo shoot 052
Serving a boiled egg? Why not use it as a place setting! This one is for Marilyn Monroe....the other 3 spots at the table for Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn ;) What? Who says they wouldn't come?

Egg Holder: Crate & Barrel Egg Cup



Dinner Plate: Anthropologie Flights & Fancy Dinnerware

Salad Plate: Crate & Barrel Roulette Blue Band Dinnerware 

Drinking Glass: Anthropologie Helianthus Goblet

Flatware: Crate & Barrel Hazel

Napkin: Macy's Lancelot in Ivory

Napkin Ring: Handmade by Jarfly

Table Cloth: Garage SALE! YAY!

Table setting photo shoot 044

Hand made napkin know I love buttons!

Table setting photo shoot 082
I love these cups so much...the wine glasses aren't too shabby either.

Wine Glass: Macy's Chirp Stemware

Table setting photo shoot 067
This is actually a ring dish, but who's says you can't put blackberries in it? Fresh picked blackberries I might add.

Ring Dish: Anthropologie Saguaro Ring Dish

Table setting photo shoot 066

Table setting photo shoot 097 

Or maybe just a brunch for me :)