Work With What Ya Got

A good portion of my last two months has been occupied by slowly turning my husband's bachelor pad into, "our home". And by "our home" I mean everything looking pretty much how I like it. I don't feel bad about this, he has an office where he can pile all his video games and hacker books. But the rest is MINE :)

So, here's our bedroom so far...only it never looks this nice and usually Ken's sci-fi novels are piled on his side...along with some headphones and a tape recorder (ironic). I don't know...he still likes tapes :) So I've..."cleaned" it up a bit...but this is pretty much the long and short of it...

This is what I'm learning...making your home look the way you want it is done slowly over many garage sale trips and magazine surfing for ideas. Unless you've got the bucks to hire an interior your own, and give yourself TIME. I get really frustrated along the way pretty frequently, but days like this?...I feel happy.

Work with what ya they say. I LOVE helping with design related to events, weddings, small spaces and interiors of all kinds. I'm still learning...but if you want help? Contact me! 

I'm only showing pictures of the window area because my work area right across from our little bed is trashed. FYI: the wall art you see is FOR SALE. Check out my vintage fabric pieces on my etsy shop (see link in sidebar). Enjoy! And I REALLY need to get better pictures...this is getting ridiculous.

Etsy AGAIN 031
Etsy AGAIN 045

Etsy AGAIN 053

Etsy AGAIN 054
Etsy AGAIN 052