Seeing Green

I've been messing with taking pictures again. I distinctly use the term "taking pictures" because "photography" seems a little too professional for what I'm turning out. But go with me on this anyway...

I love bright colors. I also love experimenting with colors. My first big science project in hue was buying a coat from GAP when I was a senior in high school. It was lavender purple and lime green on the inside. Very cool.

And so once a week on Jarfly, I'll be experimenting in a chosen shade of something. It often will be a picture, sometimes a collage...maybe a drawing...or all three. But no matter what, it's the adventures in color that will help me on my way to becoming a better designer and creative person all around.

Today, I went on a treasure hunt for green with my camera. Enjoy!



Books of green from our shelf


Unknown flower in our courtyard (I'm not much for gardening)


Anthropologie Ad paired with my necklaces


Old typewriter I purchased a garage sale for $5


The wheelbarrow parked outside our apartment complex


Our street sign


An antique bowl previously owned by my great grandmother

Green shoes

Anthropologie Ad

GlassMy favorite green pitcher from Drakes 7 Dees Home & Garden Center paired with goblet cups from Anthropologie

Buttons 003

My button collection


A favorite cover from Real Simple Magazine with retro candle

Greeen lamp 003
A tie closure Journal from Anthropologie, an antique lamp from a yard sale and of course, a jar to hold my pens and extra buttons.