Blue Mason Jar Rentals

After hunting down every lovely blue mason jar in the state of Oregon for my wedding, I'm left with boxes of them sitting around my parents house...just waiting to grace the tables of another wedding, baby shower, or party! Contact me if you are interested in renting them for YOUR event. It's much more affordable than buying me, I know :)


Half Gallon Ball Sea Blue $1.25 (13 available)  

Quart Ball Sea Blue .75 (31 available)                        

Ball Sea Blue w/Lid .75 (22 available)

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   They can be used in many different ways. As you can see above the amazing decorators (ahem, Rebecca and Mom) hung them from shepherds hooks, and then lined the aisle with them for our ceremony. 


And of course they look nice just displayed on tables as well :) Putting traditional tea lights in them won't work because they are antique and not designed to withstand the heat (um, they WILL explode after an hour or so, seen it happen). However, electric tea lights look just as cool, that's what I've been using around my house. So you can create the "ambiance" of jar light that way. 


Alls I'm saying people is, rent some jars from me!