Handmade Invitations

Deciding to produce my own wedding invitations turned out to be a huge undertaking. I thought, in the beginning, I would create a simple design using as little paper as possible. It would save me time, money and energy. I should have realized that I never do anything half-way... I'm the queen bee of biting off more than I can chew. It was no different this time around as I opted for a multi-piece very involved design that I'm proud of...but nearly killed me.

 On top of that, after spending a ridiculous amount of time on the invitations, I decided to create the table setting menus as well! If you don't work with paper this may seem like an easy task. In reality, it's a tedious amount of hunched over work that about throws your back out. Especially if you are assembling many pieces multiplied by 250!

After many sleepless nights, coffee parties at 3am, and more On-Demand movies then I'd like to admit renting (sorry Mom and Dad)...I give you my wedding paper project extravaganza.

Invitations photos 004
Invitations photos 016
Invitations photos 013
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RSVP 002
Invitations photos 008

Invitations photos 002
Invitations photos 021