Coffee Shop Scientists

I wandered into Village Coffee flustered and tired. I'd forgotten my keys inside my locked office, leaving myself stranded unable to get home. So the coffee shop was a welcome place to sit and boil in anger at my own ability to lose my cell phone and keys at the same time. 

As I sipped a mocha and stared longingly at a bagel that I shouldn't be eating, and didn't have the cash for anyway...I faintly heard a conversation developing in the back corner, "But do elephants mate for life? Or like monkeys are they prone to...wander?".

Well immediately I was intrigued, are elephants into adultery like monkeys? Or...I mean what is GOING ON! So I listened intently.

Situated in the corner next to a wall lined with Martha Stewart Living magazines were three mad scientists. I say this only because, they were. With hair jumping out from the corner of their hats like lighting beams and beards unkept they were un-mistakeably Bill Nye's best friends. I was elated to have come upon their random community gathering because, well, I've always wanted to meet a crazy scientist.

They went onto weave a tapestry of molecular and biological discussions surrounding the savanna, oceans, jungles and cities. Huge latin words were thrown around like slang as they reminded me how miniscule my vocabulary was (and is). With great passion, they argued with one another about darwinian theory regarding everything from habitation to shopping malls.

Every few minutes they would call upon the tatooed barista girl, to judge who's synopsis was correct when it came to species interaction. Calmly, she gave a schpeal of probability and reasoning that surprised not only me, but them. 

Where was I? Was this a math and science cafe? I felt so delighted and confused all at the same time. 

Community has been an encompassing thought in my head lately. At times, this "task" (if you can even call it that) feels daunting because I'm not so good at making friends anymore. Life just gets so very busy. And I'm kinda awkward to begin with. 

But if the coffee shop scientists could find one another and meet at the coffee shop every week, maybe I could find a cool group too! 

Rather than make a lame attempt at taking this post any deeper I'll just say this, that non-fat mocha turned out to be the most interesting coffee drink I'd ever consumed, thanks to the mad scientists. I snuck a picture of them on my cell phone...

So if you are interested in observing this amazing group of science dudes, stop by Village Coffee in Multnomah Village. You may just get lucky and find yourself a part of their discussion on the Amazon ecosystem over your chai latte!