Thoughts & Stories: "Add to Your Registry"

I never knew that marital bliss was in fact dependent upon Martha Stewart's line of magnetic measuring cups. I assure you this is in fact true. I always assumed the measuring utensils I stole from my parents camping trailer 8 years ago would suffice for the duration of my life on earth. Alas, I was dearly mistaken. In all actuality, you can find measuring cups that are glass, plastic, retro, vintage, porcelain, wood, metal, or (as I found) magnetic for your "fast paced life". I even found myself adding measuring items to an on-line wish list that are for decoration only. I suppose you could call them, ironic or progressive, ahem, measuring cups.


Beside me, above me, below me....SURROUNDING me, is my upcoming wedding. There are moments I'm giddy with excitement, and other times I feel it's monstrous grip slowly squeezing the very life from my body. I am beyond happy to be marrying my lovely fiance. Life with him cannot come quickly enough, let me make that clearly canadian clear. It's the event itself that baffles me at times.


Yesterday Kenny (my husband to be) and I spent nearly two hours in Crate and Barrel. Holding out a bar-code scanner that looked more like a taizor, Ken stood over countless rows of flatware. His pupils appeared to be dilated after staring into his own reflection on each and every spoon for over 20 minutes. How does one choose the correct fork? Hell if I know. My roommate Tela and I re-wash plastic spoons to avoid having to add to our meager collection. To say the least, I'm hardly a silverware expert.

During some unspoken agreement I don't remember having, apparently Kenny was granted sole and complete control of the bar-code gun. As we walked around the obscenely well lit (thanks Crate and Barrel, everyone wants to see how many pores they have while shopping), Kenny scanned this and that. I'm lucky actually, he has impeccable taste and loads of patience. Even yet, however, the joy of registering for gifts quickly became like how I feel when I unload a dishwasher. We both quickly ran out of steam.

Though I would like to point out I found a rad egg poacher that I'm rather excited about.

 As I come away from each store, I don't so much remember what I registered for, but certainly can rate the quality of bar-code guns from location to location. So far Target leads with a comfortable rubber grip on the handle, and a very convenient "delete" feature. I also like the beep sound it makes when I click the button.


My mother helped me finish out the last few items we needed at Target. I've been using hand me down, crusty bake-ware for long, I needed a little guidance on how to proceed with kitchen items. But first I'd have to get past customer service. For anyone who has ever dealt with the customer service counter at Target, you know it's a lot like purgatory (if I believed in it). You kinda hang out in a corner...watching everybody move in and out...but you are stuck. Stuck listening to the 19 year old running the register talk about the "suuuper craaazzzy movie she just saw" with the other college freshman "overseeing" the photo area while the line for re-prints grows longer...and longer.

And then I registered for some cool Paula Dean frying pans and...then I found 5 bucks...or whatever.


The point is this. I am excited and grateful for every single gift I will be given during this wedding process. Kenny and I legitimately need some new items as we start our life together. In no way, am I saying presents are stupid or I don't want the items I shot with the radar gun. 

What I'm saying is this: I lay in bed at night thinking many thoughts. I think about life. I think about God. I think about all the people I love and even the people I don't particularly like. I wonder about my potential. I ponder my goals. I cringe at mistakes made earlier in the day. I'll even ponder pondering. I tend to crack myself up in my sleep. 

But I never think about measuring cups.

And yet, measuring cups took up 90% of the last 2 days of my life. Maybe of my whole last week. 

I only wonder if that's perhaps...a shame :)