More props to Natasha Newton (i'm not worthy...i'm not worthy)

Natasha Newton has become one of my favorite artists in recent months. I just can't seem to get enough of her work, and definitely make a habit of studying her quality and marketing skills. Truly impressive artist...check out some of her latest Etsy additions and blog posts! Here is an excerpt from "the black bird sings," just click the link below for the full post.


I had the idea for these way back in April (in fact you may remember me mentioning them), but it has taken a while to get around to actually making them! I've never offered anything quite like this before and since I listed a couple on Etsy earlier this afternoon, the response has been amazing. The first one sold about a minute after I put it in the shop - I believe it may be the fastest sale I've ever had!! The second one was added just a little while ago but is already getting a lot of interest.