Left in Awe

There's nothing more humbling than surfing other blogs and websites...just to see what's out there. There are WAY too many talented people in this world. Totally annoying don't you think? (I kid)

We have here a couple women with very different styles, but who's work is pretty much amazing. It's truly an inspiration to raise the bar on how I carry out my own creations. Time to bring my "A" game as my brothers used to say. 

You know, I'll never display large prints in a fine art gallery. Not only are my drawing not for that purpose, but they'd look ridiculous all blown up and framed. I mean, do art galleries purchase prints of stick figures discussing a nudish colony? (check out my card section if that totally confused you).

I'm absolutely okay with the type of artist I am(or draw-er...I always want to say draw-er, makes me laugh and seems more accurate). However, let's tip our hats to a couple of fine ladies who really know what they're doing. 

Natasha Newton


Jessica Rose