A Sweet Lil Sale

40443_10150255748660643_899425642_14167074_1943284_n  "Sunday Sunday Sunday!" Can't you just picture the greasy car salesman yelling this into your box television screen? Or how about Tom Peterson (and Gloria too). Well that was somewhat my business plan over this last weekend as I marked my merchandise WAY down in order to gain a few bucks and start anew. Every once and awhile, I'll go pay far too many dollars for someone to weave an un-natural color into my dreary brown hair, or sit awkwardly while somebody paints my toes and asks if I'm married or not. Sometimes a girl just needs a makeover to feel more...alive maybe? 

I think Jarfly finds itself in just that place. The ideas are there, the wit, the potential, the extravagance, the artistic genius, the humility...(I sincerely hope you all pick up on my sarcasm or I risk losing the 1 follower that I know, for sure anyway, reads this...se la vie)

What I'm saying is, that in fact...Jarfly needs it's face re-done. If the barn needs painting, paint it right? So what can you the buyer look forward to over the next year (dear lord, please help there be buyers reading this)

1. Updated, fun, quirky, user friendly blog.

       -that's right, you can look forward to a more vibrant look, a completed jarfly mini store where you can make purchases directly, and hopefully some fun videos, antidotes, links to other sites and music to boot!

2. New Card Designs Including Holiday Sets!

3. Better print quality (we're moving on up wheezy)

4. More product including: self published children's books, essays, original prints, stationary, stamps and general nonsense. 

But before we embark on such a wild extreme makeover, let us re-live the weekends blow out sale with a few images dear to my heart.


Okay that's enough.

Peace Out,